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Anthony Zouvelos
      Living in Lowell, MA. he is currently working on his next book, expected in late 2017. Other projects include a 2018 Squiggly Sudoku daily planner/ calendar and a
daily puzzle for your newspaper.
     He is on a mission to make Squiggly Sudoku the new normal.
     With everone "thinking outside the box" why solve the boring old, nine box, sudoku?

SudokuPuzzleMaster Daily Puzzle

     Click on the newsaper to see the daily puzzle as seen in your local paper. In an effort to get Squiggly Sudoku into your daily paper, we are giving every newspaper in America a free month of puzzles.
     Invitations are being sent out now. 30 days of free puzzles with nothing to buy. No signing up, nothing but free puzzles. Click on the "Publisher's Link" order your 30 free puzzles.  

Tony Z.  

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